Build A Better Life

To build a better life, you must have a better blueprint.

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The beginning of your journey.

I have resources, links and recommendations that can help you get started on the path toward your new life, new goals and new habits.

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Group Coaching

The next destination on your path.

Meet weekly with myself and a group of others committed to your success. In helping others, we are truly served.

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One on One Coaching

The pinnacle of your self-improvement odyssey.

You and I, working together on a weekly basis, in an intimate and personal environment, suited to your exact needs.

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Lose Weight With Low Carb, High Fat

I did it for 30 days and lost 10 pounds. If I can do it, you can too!

I tell you what I ate, how I exercised, how I screwed up, and how I got myself back on the path.  I was an idiot, and I still lost weight and ate well and was never hungry.

I give you tools and websites so that you can be successful with LCHF right out of the box!

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Maintain An Attitude of Gratitude

Being thankful on a daily basis can be both rewarding and difficult.

I teach you how to keep a daily gratitude journal, and show you, step by step how you can bring more joy and happiness into your life via gratitude.

Even if you hate keeping a journal, or would rather use your phone, I can help you keep it fun!

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“Thanks SO much for Bill coming into our lives. It was certainly God inspired! I cannot begin to express how wonderful the changes have impacted myself and my family.


I look forward to working with Bill after the upcoming break to take myself to the next level! YOU ROCK BILL!!’

“Working with Bill was such a great experience; his caring and genuine approach was such a comfort in a time where I was really feeling bad and struggling with something. Bill really listened to my concerns and was able to help me cut through to the heart of the problem and come up with great solutions and goals to work on.”


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