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William Mize

Mystery Writer. Husband. Dad. Nerd. Buy A BookGet A Letter

My Bio

I’m Bill Mize and I write mysteries.
I have a degree in Creative Writing from San Francisco State University, which makes me highly qualified to work in any coffee house in the United States.
At various times in my life I’ve been a draftsman, a bookseller, ran San Francisco’s largest answering service, a Staff Sergeant in the United States Air Force, a Life Coach and a Consultant for a very large consulting firm.
These days, I’m a newlywed, a new step-dad, still love going to Star Trek conventions, playing table top role playing games with my friends, and watching the latest comic book movie from Marvel or DC.

My Books

My first novel, “Resurrection Angel”, featuring psychic Denton Ward and his girlfriend, Private Investigator Monty Crocetti was a finalist in the St. Martin’s Press Best First Novel contest and also a finalist for the Private Eye Writers of America’s Shamus Award for Best First Novel.

You can buy those novels, along with my coaching books, here, on Amazon.

Books on writing that I love, love, love, can be found right here.

If you’re on Good Reads, I’m right here with you.

If you’re a book reviewer and would like an ARC of my upcoming books, come over to Book Sprout.

Right now, I’m working on a new series and I am loving every minute of it.
That’s all I got to say about that.

If you are a fan of mystery, sci-fi, romance, comedy, and/or adventure – READ THIS BOOK!!! I won’t discuss the story line (buy the book!), but I will say that for a Florida girl I enjoyed the fact that the story takes place in the Tampa Bay area. The characters are out of the norm, yet still very loveable and anyone can relate to one of them. The story reads well – the flow of words is smooth, making it an easy read. The plot itself does keep you wondering throughout the book (that’s why it’s a mystery). It has a taste of sci-fi, but not too much to get in the way of the story.

UFO Abduction? Amnesia?

Lisa Rappaport had it all–a popular boyfriend, a wealthy father, and a sudden and unexplained case of amnesia.

A late-night phone call brings psychic Denton Ward and his girlfriend, Private Investigator Monty Crocetti to her bedside.

A hypnosis session brings to light a possible cause for her memory loss–alien abduction.

To Amazon!

Everlasting Life looks as though it’s trying to ride on the coattails of a current tide of sappy vampire novels. To classify it as such a thing is a disservice to the story. This is a seedy gumshoe tale with a veneer of vampirism. Except it’s not wholly seedy, either. The writing style of this novel embraces the classic detective story, but Monty is no classic detective. She’s not even a classy detective– she’s punk, she’s a recovering addict and she’s bloody brilliant.

Vampires in the Sunshine State?

St. Petersburg, Florida — Home of the newly wed and nearly dead, so the joke goes. But what about the undead?

P.I. Monty Crocetti is reunited with her long lost friend, but that reunion is cut short when her friend is killed before her eyes.

Five bullets do no damage, and the murderer escapes by jumping out a third story apartment window.

To Amazon!

My Letters

I don’t blog any more.
I’ve shut down my coaching and consulting practice, but still occasionally take private clients.
Learn how to become your own Life Coach on my YouTube Channel.
I don’t make videos any more, but there is some really good stuff there.

I have given up on Twitter and deleted all but a few of my tweets, but hey – feel free to check it out if you’re morbidly curious.

Against my better judgement, but in response to reader requests, I have a Facebook Page where we hang out, talk about stuff.
Warning: It’s usually something nerdy.

To keep in touch with my readers, viewers and fans, I write letters.
You can call them blog posts, or a newsletter or whatever you want, but it’s the nicest and easiest way for me to reach out directly to you, and talk to you and let you know what’s on my mind.
Warning: It’s usually something nerdy.

I hope you’ll sign up here.

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