All of my clients are of the male species, but not all of them are men. They are what I would call Man Child or Worlds Oldest College Students, in that they have failed to grow up and become a man. If they are a local client, I always visit their house. 10 seconds after entering their home or apartment, I know if I’m dealing with a Man Child. The subtle hints are: Clutter and Dirt White Walls Crappy Furniture The Black Monolith Lack of Vision There comes a point in every male’s life where he has to step up his game and start thinking (and decorating) like a man. A true adult. The days of college are behind him. He has got to start building an amazing nest that a woman can see herself moving into and becoming part of. This is a key part of the Home and Environment Pillar of the Become A Better Man system. Let’s take the above hints, one by one, and tackle them. Clean Up Your Damn Mess – This should go without saying, but I see so many nice apartments and home that are ruined by the guy’s lack of basic hygiene. Dust all surfaces. Vacuum every room. Scrub the toilet. C’mon man! You are too damn old to be living in your own filth like a toddler. Pick one day a week and spend a few hours cleaning. You will feel amazing and your place will look amazing. Paint Your Walls With Color – I’m not advocating black as a color here, so there’s no need to indulge your inner goth. You need to embrace color. Pick a color for the bedroom. Pick a complimenting color for the bathroom. Pick another for the kitchen. Don’t go with bold, primary colors unless you want it to look like Pee Wee’s Playhouse. Pick masculine, subtle colors. Get Furniture That Lasts – The era of cement block bookshelves and futons is over. You’ve graduated college and now it’s time to graduate to better furniture. Discover Ikea. Hell, discover Target. Start doing some research over at Pinterest and see what style you like. Mine was minimalist modern. I started purchasing darker, sleeker pieces for my bedroom, for my living room and my home office. Once piece at a time, replace your crap. Make The TV Part of The Room, Not The Focus – We’ve all seen it and we’ve all done it. You plunk your Big Damn TV in the center of the room and decorate around it. They only come in one color, and it’s black. There is a way to purchase furniture that compliments the television. Splashes of color, houseplants, paintings, a neat bookshelf will compliment the monolith rather than being swallowed by it. Also think about putting the TV in the corner, so it doesn’t take up the whole wall of your living room. Think of Your Home As A Whole – Too often, I see homes or apartments where each room is its own kingdom, with its own look, its own style. There may be Modern in the living room, but Rustic in the bathroom. Then there’s Traditional in the kitchen. No. Just NO. Pick a style or a school of thought and take it from room to room. Let each room be part of the whole vision. Again, my style was minimalist modern, so every room was sleek, uncluttered and had wall art and accessories that reflected that style. Come up with a vision and stick with it in every room. And no, Star Trek is not a vision. To get a partner, or to keep a partner, you must rise to the next level. You must prove that you can provide, that you can maintain, and that you have a vision that is that of an adult male, not a college student. My fiancĂ©e has tons of experience and an amazing eye for Interior Decorating, and when she came into my last house, when we first met, I could tell she was impressed. Okay, she told me she was impressed as well, but it goes to show you that this works. Take the time to create a home that she wants to live in. Take the time to create a home that you want to live in and feel proud of. Make your house or apartment a home.

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