The cover for Resurrection Angel, the Shamus Award nominated novel by William MizeA Young Girl In Trouble…

Lisa Rappaport seemed to have it all – a popular boyfriend, a wealthy father and a sudden and unexplained case of amnesia. A late night phone call brings Denton Ward and Monty Crocetti to her bedside and into her life.

Things Get Weird…

Her doctor thinks it’s a routine case, but a hypnosis session with Denton brings to light a possible cause for her memory loss – alien abduction and rape. Lisa swears she’s a virgin, but a drugstore test proves she’s pregnant.
Could the father be of unknown origin?

A Tragic Death…

Or is the answer closer, here on planet Earth? A sudden death brings the case closer to home, and it’s up to Denton and Monty to weave the many threads of this case into a tapestry of redemption and justice that will resonate long after the last page has been turned.

Dang, This Book MUST Be Good…

Resurrection Angel was chosen by Robert Randisi, President of the Private Eye Writers of America, as a finalist in the St. Martin’s Press/PWA Best First Novel Contest of 1997.

Wait, Another Award?

In 2001, Resurrection Angel made publishing history when it was nominated by the Private Eye Writers of America for one of their highest honors, The Shamus Award for Best First Novel of The Year, making it the first Print on Demand book ever to be nominated for a major publishing award.

This is the first book featuring psychic Denton Ward and his partner in crime and in life, private investigator Monty Crocetti.

The second book, Everlasting Life is featured here.

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