Book cover for William Mize's mystery novel, Everlasting Life

Welcome To The Sunshine State, Blood Sucker…

St. Petersburg, Florida – Home of the newly wed and nearly dead, so the joke goes.
But what about the undead?
Could there be vampires in the Sunshine State?

After being abandoned at the age of five and then raised in a mental institution, it’s understandable that psychic Denton Ward has separation issues. And hospital issues. Both these primal fears are combined after his friend and mentor, lawyer Nicholas Shanley, collapses while arguing the most important case of his life.

A Close Friend Comes To The End Of His Life…

At the hospital, Denton learns that Nicholas is dying of AIDS. Denton must overcome his fear of abandonment, his fear of losing his good friend. He must learn to break out of his self-imposed prison and comfort and care for others.

While Another Meets A Brutal, Tragic End…

Denton’s partner in love and in business, Private Investigator Monty Crocetti is reunited with a long lost recovery partner, but that reunion is cut tragically short when her friend is brutally killed right before her very eyes, by a beast who slaughters by biting the throat of his victim. Five bullets from Monty’s .357 do no damage whatsoever, and the murderer escapes by jumping out a third story apartment window.


The vampire survives, and those around him vow to hunt down Monty, Denton or anyone else who dares investigate their secret underground world. A world filled with seduction, with power, with corruption, with life, with death, with blood. Monty must call upon her long dormant faith to fight a true and seemingly invincible evil. Are these people true vampires? Undead ghouls who live by killing and then drinking the blood of their victims? Or are they just blood fetishists, preying on the fear, ignorance and insecurity of others?

These questions and the answers are found within Everlasting Life, the second book in the PWA Shamus Award nominated Denton Ward and Monty Crocetti mystery series.

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