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What I’m Up To Now:

Because I have discovered that the less choices I have, the better I operate, I have decided to really simplify my life.  Here’s what I’m up to now:

My main focus for the rest of 2017 is finishing the first novel in my new series, also based in St. Petersburg, Florida. To get notified when it’s out, sign up for my main mailing list.

Okay, so that got kind of delayed when Hurricane Irma decided to pay my home a visit.

We evacuated all the way north to Lexington, Kentucky and hung out with good friends and some family.  Upon our return, we discovered that we had some cleaning up to do.

That’s what I’ve been working on since mid-September.  Work on the book continues, but at a slower pace.   It’s nice to have the distraction from dealing with insurance companies and vendors.

When it comes to food, I try to stick to Low Carb, High Fat.

When it comes to exercise, I’m all about the kettlebell. The exact workout that I do is here, in a free PDF.

Two nights a week, I play the Call of C’thulhu RPG with my friends at Into The Darkness.

I’ve quit Twitter, and I’ve quit Facebook. I can think of no other single action that I can take that will narrow my focus and simplify my life.

If you want to get in touch, use the Contact Form, I’m still highly reachable.

This page was last updated on November 8, 2017, and is based on Derek Sivers Now Page movement.

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