Denton Ward

“I touch things; they tell me stories.”

Pain and fear are what drive Denton Ward.

The pain of a childhood spent behind bars, a childhood ripped tragically short by the manifestation of his amazing psychic powers.

The fear of having those powers and all they are capable of doing, driving him permanently insane and having to return to that prison.

He tries to kill that pain, that fear, the images inside his head with alcohol, with pills, but the memories linger.

Monty Crocetti

“I swear, if I have to chase one more cheating husband, I’m gonna kill someone.”

When punk rock gets crossed with Private Investigator, you get Montgomery Elaine Crocetti.

A short spitfire with spiked hair and a .357, Monty fights for justice after being on the other side of the law for so long.

Catholic school didn’t lead her to marriage and children, it led to heroin, to hooking, to living on the tough streets.

A man and a woman united by pain, united by love, united by the need to do the right thing.
Making up for past mistakes, trying to cover up past indiscretions, they form a bond of love and friendship.
They are partners in both work and in love.
They are a pair of characters you will never forget.
The mystery series is based in the Tampa Bay area of Florida.
I invite you to join us on this journey.
To join these two people and unravel the mystery that is their life.
Books change lives.
Good stories change lives.
Great characters change lives.
Welcome to the world of Denton Ward and Monty Crocetti.