I'm Bill.

This is my ridiculously simple website that I use as a hub for all my creative activities.
I'm a podcaster.
I'm a tabletop gamer.
I write various and sundry things - short stories, poems, mystery novels and self-help books.
I'm a husband, a father, a USAF veteran and a Christian.
I've been a Boy Scout, a Life Coach for Men, a Waldenbooks Manager, and a Fortune 500 consultant.
I love Star Trek, James Bond, The Lord of the Rings, Dune, Seinfeld, old monster movies, ice cold bourbon, going to conventions, playing tabletop role-playing games with friends (especially Call of C'thulhu) and listening to Frank Sinatra, U2, Tears For Fears, R.E.M. and other various and sundry new wave bands from my youth.
I contain multitudes, as does everyone.I'm retired now, live with my wife and kids in a small town in Kentucky, and I love my life, as simple and as humble as it is.Feel free to get in touch via the links below!I'd love to hear from you!